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11.5.2021 00:53:00

One of the hundreds of meetings about Cyprus issue was held on the last days of April 2021. It was organized by the United Nations (UN) General Secretary in Geneva, Switzerland between the Turkish and Greek Leaderships; where Turkey, Greece and Britain Foreign Ministers attended as warrant countries, according to the 1960 agreements.

The result of the unofficial Geneva meeting was known right at the beginning. As I always mention, The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) should get rid of talking in circles since the last 53 years and spent their energy for the recognition of their republic.

It should be well understood that, the Cyprus Greek Leadership, who do not reflect the real wills of the Greek Cypriots, will never be close to an agreement with the Turkish Cypriots, as long as they advocate the unjust rights raped by Greece in the territory, who has been the main satellite of the United States of America (USA).

The continuation of the present status of the TRNC, accords with the plans of the Greek Leadership, Greece and USA. An unrecognized TRNC, weakens the hand of Turkey in the international arena in such a way that America can easily lead the Greek Leadership and Greece, according to his benefits in the territory. It is curiously enough that the Greeks have been convinced ‘Turkish hostility’ is for their self-interest, where only protects imperialist benefits. They are so much accustomed to this that, they do not need to take head into hands and think analytically.

Instead of doing so, they added a new one to their tailored hostile behaviors, towards Turkish Cypriots and Turkey, which has been existed for more than hundred years. It is well understood that they cannot digest the ‘Two Independent Nations’ proposal, submitted in Geneva by the Turkish side in a decisive posture. Moreover that, they didn’t like Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavuşoğlu, decoding the sentences of the Greek Leader Nikos Anastasiades expressed in Crans-Montana 4 years back.

After Anastasiades’ 40 minute speech, supporting the so-called federation thesis; Çavuşoğlu asks a few questions to the Greek Leader… “Didn’t you tell me that the Greek Cypriots will never share the Presidency of Cyprus with the Turks? Didn’t you tell me that you will never be able to persuade your people on this issue? Didn’t you tell me that the Greek Cypriots are not ready to share even the hospitals with the Turks? Didn’t you refused the rotatory presidency in Crans-Montana?

Turkish Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu declaring the printed evidences what he has said, was sufficient to make the Greeks crazy… They start taking their revenge by insulting Turkey and TRNC, the following days after Geneva Meeting… Moreover that, they start preparing a complaining file to their parents European Union (EU).

Why you are resentful Mr. Anastasiades? It wasn’t you that pushed away the Turks in 1963, in order to possess Cyprus Government alone? It wasn’t you that sucked the blood of Turks in the General Hospitals, to transfuse to the EOKA militants? Didn’t you condemn 10 thousands of Turks to live in the tents? You were not those, who isolated Turkish Cypriots from everything? You were not those, who send the innocent people to eternity captured at their journey? Weren’t they the citizens of the same republic Mr. Anastasiades, deemed proper to these unfair executions? Oh yes… Would you have protected the people, speaking a different language and having different religious beliefs, while massacring unblinkingly your own consanguine?

You dared to say “they acted insolently, they claimed the sovereignty of a constitution which is a sub-administration of Turkey.” In order to be seen pretty by the people that you deemed proper to all these unfair executions, you dared to call them as “my citizens.” Who has given this right to you Mr. Anastasiades? You can’t solve anything by slipping some pieces of paper, what you say ‘identity cards’ in the hands of 97 thousand Turks as a ‘hush money’, by invading the advantages of Cyprus Government. This is not your favor, this is a natural right coming from the Government of Cyprus which is still valid in the international arena, unfortunately. Have you ever questioned what those people, that you call them “my citizens,” eat and drink since 58 years? Wouldn’t have you posted them already to Britain, Canada and Australia if Turkey had not come to their help?

Didn’t it come to your mind to find out the number of real Greek Cypriots approving what you have done? Who prefers wrangling, instead of living in peace Mr. Anastasiades? Write into your brain that from now on, you can only sit at a table with a recognized independent Turkish Republic of Cyprus.

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