What is Iran Waiting For? - ADEM AKÖL

18.12.2020 14:41:00

There are two major obstacles in front of Israel, to be able to apply his expansionist policy in a relaxed way in the Middle East; Turkey and Iran… Israel is using different methods on fighting with these two countries… He has selected a direct method of fight with Iran and prefers to struggle indirectly with Turkey.

İt is not necessary to tell a lot about his struggle with Turkey, everything is obvious… Israel stands just at the opposite side where Turkey is… Especially he doesn’t want to approach Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean policy, although his benefits contradict with it.

Recently, during the Azerbaijan-Armenia war, Israel has sold Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Azerbaijan with the aim of creating a rift between the two countries, which have been so close to each other since a thousand years… He has tried to isolate Turkey in the region… In fact Israel refers to a fraying way towards Turkey indirectly, because he is afraid of its improving power.

Israel will never be able to achieve this goal, but we can’t say the same for its fight with Iran… Israel, who prefers the direct struggle with Iran, has a clear intention.

Although Israel has neither accepted nor rejected it, it has enough nuclear weapons that could pose a threat in the region… With this feature, it aims to be the only ruling power of the region, taking the USA behind it… As a matter of fact, it was a clear sign of bombing a nuclear facility construction, planned by Saddam Hussein near Baghdad in 1980 and the nuclear research center in Syria in 2007.

Israel sees Iran, which has been conducting nuclear studies for more than 10 years, as a major obstacle… Ever since Iran started nuclear work, it has always been under the direct attack of either Israel or the US-Israel alliance.

In January 2010, the Israeli Intelligence organization MOSSAD, hired an assassin for $120,000 to kill the physics professor Mesud Alimuhammed of Tehran University… In July of the same year, nuclear physicist Daryush Rizainejad and in December, Professor Mecid Shahriyar from the Iran Atomic Energy Agency were killed… Later, in early 2012, nuclear physicist Mustafa Ahmedi Rusen, who worked in Iran’s uranium enrichment center, was assassinated.

You will remember; at the beginning of this year, General Qassem Soleimani, the commander of the Revolutionary Guards Army, who was directly affiliated with Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei, was killed… Soleimani had nothing to do with nuclear work, but was the only person responsible for organizing the Shiites in the Middle East towards Israel.

Muhsin Fahrizade, who was killed on November 27, was considered the father of Iran's nuclear program as well as being a Brigadier General in the Army of Revolutionary Guards ... So much so that two years ago, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, during a presentation on nuclear forces to the international press, he had mentioned the name of Fahrizade, particularly… According to another claim of Israel; before he was killed, Fahrizade requested a budget from the Iranian Government, for 5 nuclear warheads.

After every assassination, tensions rise in Iran… Demonstrations are held, vows of vengeance are made… However, the Iranian administration is content with some simple reprisals to extinguish the flames of the people… Before Soleimani was buried, the US air base in Iraq was hit by missiles and after the assassination of Fahrizade, a MOSSAD official was killed.

While Iran's religious leader Ali Khamenei said that "perpetrators and instigators should be punished," President Hassan Rouhani stated "the Iranian nation will respond to this crime at an appropriate time, our people are smart and knowledgeable enough not to fall into the trap of the Zionist regime" both following a rational policy.

What Israel is trying to do is very clear ... He knows very well that the newly elected US President Joe Biden will return to the nuclear deal after taking office and will follow a softer policy than the Trump administration ... He thinks that agitating assassinations will force Iran to react hard and as a reflection, the USA will intervene in Iran.

Iranian administration "pressing salt on its wounds" he knows very well that if he responds to Israel's agitation; his economy which is already in serious trouble, will suffer irreparably, so he patiently waits for Biden to take over the duty on January 20, saving some time with simple retaliation methods that are calming his people.


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