What The USA and EU Sanctions Bring to Turkey… - ADEM AKÖL

What The USA and EU Sanctions Bring to Turkey… - ADEM AKÖL

24.12.2020 12:38 | Güncelleme Tarihi: 24.12.2020 12:38

Are you aware of that, the countries that are exploiting our world, at the same time are trying a lot of actions to bring Turkey to his knees? They do this because they scare of their system being demolished by Turkey who has proven his power in many parts of Europe, Asia and Africa.

It is quite natural that they afraid of the grandchildren of the Ottomans who ruled these three continents for centuries. While they left only blood and tears behind after they exploited the countries; the fact that the Ottomans brought justice, civilization and prosperity scares them.

Our world is no longer the old world… You can no longer confiscate the wealth of their country by making people work like slaves without letting them go out of their homes… You can no longer sell them a commodity for 100 dollars, that you produce it for one dollar… You can no longer provoke them and sell millions of dollar worth weapons while they cannot even find bread to feed their children.

By using today’s advanced communication tools, people now understand what is right and what is wrong and they can easily see what other countries are trying to do…If Turkey succeeded its self-acceptance in this three continents, this is not by force, this is due to the statements and actions that it puts forth in a completely fair manner.

The bloodsuckers are clever, because they feed on the blood of poor people… They are very well aware of the coming of Great Turkey and they mobilize all the possibilities at hand to stop him… But what they do is not more than a doggy’s barking, stepping back but insisting to scare a huge Pit Bull.

With the impact of the NATO meeting in early December, the European Union Leaders Summit was held on December 10-11. The ostensible sanctions from this summit together with those accepted within the US defense budget as CAATS laws are the decisions taken unintentionally not to scare Turkey.

While there were weapons of Russian origin in the inventories of some former USSR countries that joined NATO after the dissolution of the USSR; While Greece has S300s; Moreover, while the USA bought some weapons from Russia; It is quite significant to implement sanctions by the pretext of Turkey’s purchase S400 defense systems.

The reason is neither S400 nor PYD/YPG… What is trying to be done, is declaring a NATO member country as an enemy of the organization, founded by the USA on hostility to the USSR… These sanctions is to sabotage the success of Turkey’s defense industry and set a barrier in front of its progress that continues with strong steps.

Truth to be told, Turkey should thank those who made such a decision… You will remember, only a month back when Canada said “I do not sell it to you” the lenses he produced for Turkey’s UAVs, it opened the way for Turkey to supply these materials from its domestic firms.

In those years when hundred percent of the weapons used by Turkey was imported, during the Cyprus crises in 1964 and 1974, they thought, they would make Turkey moan under embargoes… But they paved the way for laying the foundations of a defense industry, of which 75 percent is indigenous today… This time it will be the same… They are doing Turkey such a favor that, today’s 75 percent will increase rapidly to 100 percent tomorrow.

Even Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is irritated by this situation and says “Maintain good relations with Turkey, this country has become a dominating power over 3 continents” in his message to Biden… And US Foreign Affairs Minister Pompeo says to Turkey “With these sanctions we aim to harm Russia not you.” So, how else can we interpret the sanctions that are intended to be imposed to Turkey? Isn’t it the doggy’s behavior trying to scare the Pit Bull?