The Suspicious Death Of The Scientists - FARUK ÖNALAN

27 Ocak 2016 Çarşamba 11:28

There was a great echo in the world, of the scientists specially on duty in the nuclear projects, lost their lives in the attacks.

Dr. Ardasir Huseyinpur lost his life on January, 2007. Killed by Mossad-Stratfor by nuclear poisoning.

Professor Mesud Ali Muhammedi killed in a bomb attack on January, 2010.

Dr. Mecid Sehriyari killed in a bomb attack on November, 2010.

Dr. Feridun Abbas Davani managed to get rid of a bomb attack wounded, together with his wife on November, 2010. Then he was assigned as the president of the Nuclear Energy Association, by Ahmedinejad.

Professor Darius Rizai Necad in physics killed during an armed attack on July, 2011.

Mustafa Ahmedi Roşan, a nuclear physicist, killed in a bomb attack on January, 2012.

As the assaults to the nuclear physicists, occupying the world agenda, there was no any investigations on the suspicious deaths of the Turkish scientists on duty at the universities, ASELSAN (The Land, Naval and Air Forces Foundation of Turkey) and TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) of Turkey having a lot of progress in the defence industry in the last years.

It is nice that the ASELSAN file will be put on the table by the order of the Attorney General to Ankara.


In 2004, a minibus of TUBITAK crushed on a straw tractor and Yucel Kenter, a Seniour Lieutenant of the Land Forces, Ercan Kuruoglu an Electric and Electronic Engineer and a staff, lost their lives. Ercan Kuruoglu was the inventor of a “crypto decoder” where seized in the Turkish tent during the Sulaymaniyah invasion in 2003.

On August 07, 2006 Mechanical Engineer Hüseyin Başbilen employed in ASELSAN, found in his car, cut in his wrist and throat. He was one of the contributers of the “National Tank Project” and “signal gating project of the F16 fighter aircrafts” and was preparing to give a briefing, same day.

Electrical Engineer Halim Unsem Unal (worked in ASELSAN only 6 months and resigned on December 31, 2000) found dead, shot in his head near the shore of the Lake Eymur, on January 16, 2007. Electrical Engineer Evrim Yanceken fell down from the sixth floor of his house on January 24, 2007. İt is said that, both engineers were studying on a crypto-decoding project.

Burhaneddin Volkan, worked in ASELSAN “aircraft command control communication software program” for two years after his graduation from the Computer Engineering faculty of Hacettepe University. He killed himself (?) by his gun on October 07, 2007 when he was performing his military service.

One of the planes of Atlas Jet crashed in Isparta on November 30, 2007. Fifty-seven Turkish citizen lost their lives. Professor Engin Arik, Research Assistant Ozgen Berkol Dogan, Master Student Engin Abat from Bogazici University and Professor Senel Fatma Boydag, Associate Professor Iskender Hikmet, Research Assistant Mustafa Fidan from Dogus University, were also in that plane. Professor Engin Arik was also working for the “Atlas Project of CERN” at the “European Organization for Nuclear Research” in Geneva, Switzerland.


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