22 Mart 2017 Çarşamba 10:18


We all are aware of the events occured abroad, just before the 16 th of April referendum that the future of Turkey will be certified.

Naming themselves as “the cradle of democracy”, the attack of the European Union mounted forces with their wild dogs, to our gathered people for welcoming  the “Family and Social Politics” Minister Mrs. Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya, within their simplest democratic rights, can not be accepted.

What were they going to do if Turkey Government had done such an inhuman treatment to one of their ministers and on the top of it, to a female minister?

Besides of all of these, have you seen any EU country criticizing the Dutch Government, after the world tv broadcasts of a Turkish youth coshed down and let the dogs attack causing his hospitalization?

Just the opposite, by supporting these attacks which is against also to the “decleration of human rights”, they proved that the countries came together for “crusades” in the history, have joined to form the European Union.

İt is obvious that, the sharp rise of Turkey and the shrewd personality of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan being a world leader and not avoiding to criticize the countries of “the cradle of democracy”, frightened the leaders of the European Union.

These behaviours show that the hesitant Turkish people, will vote for “yes” at the referendum.

In spite of the speeches of the leader of the “Republicians Pupil`s Party” Kemal Kılıçtaroğlu, as a “yes” conclusion, will lead Turkey to a dictatorial regime and forcing voters for “no”, the result will be definitely “yes”.

One of the most important dilemma of the “no” people is that, HDP the political wing of PKK, is also at the “no” fronts who can assasinate a baby unblinkingly.

Besides, the bloody terrorist organization FETO is also at the “no” front. Who is responsible for the 15 th of July coup attempt, bombarding the parliament  established by Atatürk the founder of Turkish Republic and bombarding Gölbaşı headquarter then assasinating the attendants on rest, who were merely responsible for internal security of the Turkish Republic.

The Turkish people have understood the reason why Turkey couldn`t reach to the level of developed countries which was targetted by Atatürk.

They understood that this will no longer be possible with this existing system where a president, elected by the same man, could dare to throw the book of basic law to the face of the prime minister Bulent Ecevit.

These elements will affect the hesitant people at the “no” front to vote for “yes”.

The 16 th April referendum will be an important milestone for all of us.

For this reason all of us should be prudent, abolish the system stepping Turkey backwards and stepping confidently to the forward.

We love Turkey.

We do not have any place to go, other than Turkey.

Turkey is our homeland.

I do not have any doubt that all of us will obey self-conscience and vote for our children and grandchildren.

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