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3 Ekim 2015 Cumartesi 12:12

None of the political parties could  reach to 276 after the elections of june 7, the necessary amount of member of parliaments to establish the goverment.
The Justice and Developing party obtained the greatest number of members, though she couldn't fix the government alone for the fourth time. So the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gave the duty for establishing the government, to the leader of the Justice and Developing party, Ahmet Davutoğlu.
No results could be obtained at the end of many coalition negotiations. And as the result of not being able to form a new government, the President decided to renew the elections. Afterwards the High Comission of Elections announced the election date as november the first. 
The Justice and Developing party made  significant changes on the candidate list of Adana as of the other provinces, while the other parties preferred to keep the lists almost unchanged. The vice president and the spokesman of Justice and Developing party Ömer Çelik, hanged out to the "three period rule" at the previous election, got all the responsibilities  and took the first line
in the pick list of Adana. Being at the first line in the list, Ömer Çelik is sounded as "the legend returnes back" among the public in Adana. It was a very appropriate decision to place Ömer Çelik in Adana list, in contrary of the rumours that he would have been either in the list of İstanbul or Ankara. 
The pick list of  Justice and Developing party in Adana pleasured it's grassroots and even most of the voters of other parties. 
Most probably the dwellers of Kozanlı   became the most happiest people by seeing Tamer Dağlı's name in the list. It seems that Tamer Dağlı, using also the power of being the nephew of the former minister of forestry Halit Dağlı, will easily persuade the voters.
The votes of the people from the city of Elazığ living in Adana and of the ethnic minority Zazas, will go to Mehmet  Sağlam. 
The Justice and Developing party got only five members in Adana at the 7'th of june elections. But through these strategic two names it can force 7 or 8 members.
I can easily hear the voices of those who chuckles. But they should remember that this party previously had 8 members from Adana, so it will be so easy to gain at least 7 members after all these. Remember that there is no anything "impossible" in this world. And don't forget the regret of those who planned to teach a small lesson to the Justice and Developing party at the june 7 elections.
CHP didn't do any significant changes in it's list. Besides, even the quota candidate Zülfikar İnönü Tümer kept his line  in the list. Burhanettin Bulut, the former province 
president of the party took his place on the fifth line. It seems that CHP will face some difficulties in Adana. It seems that the undesired events we had to face during the last few months, will force CHP a lot. In fact, there are some good names in Adana list of the party. It would have been unfair if i had not mentioned this, but i don't think that CHP will be able to get more than it's traditional votes.
Now le t's say something about MHP. We are facing a party, rejecting everything after the 7'th june elections. In fact, the grass-roots of both CHP and MHP were very hopefull that these two parties would have formed a coalition. But MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli rejected every proposals in a customized manner. In his speech at the 7'th of june evening he had challenged the other parties by proposing a new election. Now, here is a new election, on the first of november...
Devlet Bahçeli, not accepting even to join in the "pre-election government", announced Tuğrul Türkeş, son of MHP founder Alpaslan Türkeş, as a traitor just because he joined to the "pre-election government" as a minister and the vice prime minister. It was very tragicomical behavior about the instructions given by Devlet Bahçeli after the Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and Vice Prime Minister Tuğrul Türkeş visited  the tomb of Alpaslan Türkeş, the founder of MHP. It was unlogical to give instructions for washing up the tomb by using holly water brought from Kaaba, just after the visit. Isn't it so natural for somebody visiting  his father's tomb? I watched Devlet Bahçeli astonishingly being in such a great ambition. I advice those who are accusing Tuğrul Türkeş, to try to find out the reason of why they couldn't manage keeping him in the party. You remember what you used to say "the rest is just details when the matter is for the benefits of our country". As far as i understand those are traitors who are not besides you. I am asking, are both Meral Akşener and Sinan Onan also traitors? There was a great public reaction to the party for those two names not included in the lists. We do not have the right to say anything about how strongly Bahçeli possessing his party. "We have to give Caesar's rights to Caesar". The political parties are not in the ownership of a certain person.

The list of MHP in Adana is also not so good. The first three names in the 7'th of june elections kept their positions for the coming election. Apart these three names, the rest of the list did not satisfy the party members. MHP will get the minimum votes required to gain some members of parliament, but it will have to struggle a lot.
What about HDP?
Will it be possible to get the same amount of votes?  Very difficult... 
HDP will be the most affected party in this election. Kandil and İmralı will be peoblems for them. They couldn't manage to be away of Kandil or İmralı. So PKK, the armed organization of HDP started its terrorist actions again. In the last few months almost everyday, Turkey started to a new day, with the news of a new martyr. Figen Yüksekdağ, one of the top leaders of HDP, dared to say "we feel the power of YPJ, YPG and PYD on our backs". What about the speeches of Selahattin Demirtaş, accusing all the other leaders of the parties just for the sake of being in the agenda. It is HDP who deceives the Kurdish people by saying that they are defending their rights. They destroys the schools constructed by the government for the poor people, but they,  themselves educate their children in the first class schools. The government try to do investments in those areas, but they, themselves do everything to prevent. Besides, they say to the innocent poor people that, they are with them. They invade the rights of the Kurdish people claiming that, they are defending their rights.  
We are going to the ballot box again on the first of november... Please vote by thinking also your future... Turkey is not in such a luxury situation to loose even one single second.

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