We Clamped Together Brotherly - İNCİ GÜL AKÖL

We Clamped Together Brotherly - İNCİ GÜL AKÖL

26.11.2018 14:11 | Güncelleme Tarihi: 26.11.2018 14:11

I got excited while writting this column as if it is my first time, although i write articles almost ten years.

There is a lot to write...

I am strained to decide where to begin...

Because while one side of my body is in a great enthusiasm, the other side is bleeding with deep sorrow for our heroic martyrs.

The unity and solidarity started on the 15`th of July evening and crowned with the August, 7 Democracy and Martyr Meeting, was a great indicator for the GREAT and POWERFUL TURKEY that will march to its way with confident steps.

Great thanks to our brave Turkish Nation, who challenged the tanks and rifles with a call “go to the streets” of our President, our Supreme Commander Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, on a live broadcast July, 15 evening.

We are grateful to them...

Our brave nation, stuck their eagerness in these ravenous and furious devils` gizzards.

It is by means of this brave Turkish Nation, if we can free in the streets and do our jobs without any uneasiness.

I wish the spirits of all of our martyrs be happy and i wish the God gives immediate healing to our veterans.

Just in the BATTLE OF TALAS, BATTLE OF MANZIKERT, THE CONQUEST OF CONSTANTINOPLE, BATTLE OF GALLIPOLI, TURKISH WAR OF INDEPENDENCE and in a lot of victories in its glorious history, the brave Turkish Nation slapped a big “Ottoman cuff” in the face of the FetullahTerrorist Organization who attempted an unsuccessful coup with a small group of traitors.

The whole Turkey, with its “Alaouites, Sunnites, Laz people, Circassians, Turks, Kurdish people, Rightists and Leftists” stayed as one single heart.

The hatred speeces during last years, left the place to brotherhood, unity and solidarity.

The Great Turkey quivered the devil “Feto” and the “seven powers” with the August,7 Democracy and Martyr Meeting.

Since my childhood it is said that “a Turk does not have any friend except a Turk...”

I realized this very precisely after the July, 15 traitor coup attempt.

We couldn`t see those who exports democracy (!) to every country...

Where were them?

The meaning is “a Turk does not have any friend except a Turk.”

Our great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk actually ment today`s togetherness and unity by saying “Turkey should reach to the contemporary civilisations”

I believe deeply that Turkey clamped together and strengthened after this unity.

And no doupt it will reach to the “Year 2023 Great Turkey” target and “contemporary civilisations.”

July, 15 evening was the last stage of the game played to corrupt the unity and solidarity of our country.

Our unity and solidarity crowned with the “August,7 Democracy and Martyr Meeting.”